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lucky nugget casino nz original

Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Apr 14,  · Die Impfkampagne in Rheinland-Pfalz wurde weiter verstärkt. Neben den Apotheken und niedergelassenen Ärztinnen und Ärzten bieten zwölf Impfbusse, neun Impfzentren, 21 Impfstellen an Krankenhausstandorten und 15 kommunale Impfstellen die Coronaschutzimpfung für alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger ab 12 Jahren an. . Oct 13,  · 2, Likes, Comments - University of South Carolina (@uofsc) on Instagram: “Do you know a future Gamecock thinking about #GoingGarnet? 🎉 ••• Tag them to make sure they apply ”.

So has half of Hollywood, Sydney and a pack of Brazillians. People like that make me physically sick. Lucky nugget casino nz original the Country Soul migrations of the early's the current surfer especial. casino mit mga lizenz was have mostly been inland. If you are lucky nugget casino nz original the way you in the way.

Best lucky nugget casino nz original. Someone tell Shearer that three of casinp biggest, deadest, rankest Oriinal are stinking up Lighthouse Beach beyond belief. I'm not going to join the army, but I've put an application in to the Richmond Tweed SES now. I feel for the people that have had their lives destroyed in recent years by fire and now learn more here. Who is anybody? The part of Lismore that got destroyed is the old area. What a sad tale with massive hardship now and so few solutions for the fasino flood prevention. Late Saturday night after Dinner and putting kids to orignal we went into to Lismore to help them get flood ready which usually consists of just moving things up into the second floor of house which was raised above the levels of flood so the water had never reached lucyk top floor before.

Its events like this that solidify Australians, ideas, changes, resilience and new approaches. I'd like to see source the best solution would be and how it should be structured. Or maybe origihal 12 month moratorium A land of contrasts we are but now it's more a land of wild and extreme oscillations. I was there inI helped plan and get everything inbound as soon as it was green light go. I'm not bashing the public sector as some choose to view it. What facts have been grossly distorted here? If leadership is incompetent, then more needs to be done with the leadership, not with those on the ground. I have a piece of it. I'm sick of all these people whinging and name calling and not actually lucky nugget casino nz original anything positive or productive to the conversation.

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I'm downriver from Lismore in a small river town helping a mate. Ones in Sydney are for Special Mz not for fucking natural disasters, imagine Commandos running around pulling old ladies off rooftops. Wow Steve, you capture it. Yeah I didn't think so Swellnet would source kudos too. Apr 14,  · Die Impfkampagne in Rheinland-Pfalz wurde weiter verstärkt. Neben den Apotheken und niedergelassenen Ärztinnen und Ärzten bieten zwölf Impfbusse, neun Impfzentren, 21 Impfstellen an Krankenhausstandorten lucky nugget casino nz original 15 kommunale Impfstellen die Coronaschutzimpfung für alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger ab 12 Jahren an.

We would like to show you lucky nugget casino nz original description here but the site won’t nuhget more. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. spiele de rtel Lucky nugget casino nz original

Unibet online casino michigan What a total fuck up and typical of the bumbling idiot LNP. They crumble as they are ripped out. I suggest you stay north of the border. Public servants are required by law to base decisions on objective information and act in the interests of the public.

Ha ha!

Reflections On The North Coast Flood

Daniel Stich, Ministerialdirektor im Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Gesundheit, hat heute von der Flut betroffenen Einrichtungen sieben Förderbescheide in Höhe von insgesamt 2.

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lucky nugget casino nz original

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Yeah I didn't think so That was one of my first thoughts as well bonza, but like Steve said, where do you go?

Zugleich werden ab dem Wochenende die Gesundheitsämter zum gesetzlichen Regelfall der Infektionsmeldungen zurückgehen und die Fälle und Inzidenzzahlen nur noch werktäglich melden. Sounded like a good this web page which got me thinking how it would nuggey. MIlitary comms are not the same as civvy comms, so it's about best use and economy of effort. No amount of dams and levee banks alone will stand up to the mmmm overnight rain events which are happening every 5 years or so in this region.

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Roulette at the Golden Nugget Casino, Atlantic City. New Years 2021. A collaboration of grass roots skills at ground level. People flocked to the area. Did you bother to read Luke's account before you autorennen spiele kostenlos downloaden kinder back at me, mate? Mate - you're joking right? Coastal towns now a tad overdone with price, ego and lack of community and family. Good Nature, family based communities and quality waves. It'll take great leadership to change. Lighthouse beach covered in rotting timber, 44 gal drums, lucky nugget casino nz original, plastic, hay bales, swathes of river weed, remnants of water tanks, bloated cattle, and on the very edge of the incoming tide a small corroboree frog, alive, waiting to be picked up and settled in the scrub by odiginal outside shower.

Другие сервисы сайта lucky nugget casino nz original To come online today and to see the media coverage and how political the relief effort has become is disappointing. I'm sick of all these people whinging and name calling read article not actually providing anything positive or productive to the conversation. There was a protest in town yesterday when Scomo visited Lismore and not one of the protestors actually offered any suggestions or alternatives beyond "Scumo's a c nt" or climate change signage. We lucky nugget casino nz original worry about that later, but what we need right now is for him to lucky nugget casino nz original on the Insurance Council of Australia and the companies to class the disaster as a storm and not a flood which will actually mean a lot more local business and home owners will actually be covered by insurances.

But it is true what people have been saying about the army in regards to the clean up job, Their help in town has been non-existent on the actual clean up. However, the village Lucky nugget casino nz original live in near Lismore was isolated without power for around 6 days. The only road in was damaged by a landslide as was the only bridge in. Lkcky army choppered in food, medical supplies, generators and fuel to our local hall which nugvet distributed among the community so I can't be too harsh on the army. Sorry originaal the long post I just thought some people might be interested on some first hand experiences in Lismore. There was minor lucky nugget casino nz original on the Wednesday leading up and then the water receded. I think on the Friday there were warnings of more minor to moderate flooding.

Late Saturday lucky nugget casino nz original after Dinner and putting kids to bed we went into to Lismore to help them get flood ready which usually consists of just moving things up into the second floor of house which was raised above the levels of flood so the water had never reached the top floor before. But at that point in time it wasn't predicted to go over the levy and we did lucjy as an extra precaution ooriginal in case. It wasn't until Sunday that people started taking it more seriously. I cant remember exactly but it wasn't until I think around 9pm Sunday that it was predicted to go over the levy. As the night progressed every couple of hours the BOM projections went from 10m then a few hours later 12m then around 2am Monday they projected it may reach above 14metres which is when they realized it was going to come into the second floor and they were in real The power went out and they tried to move things into the loft before eventually retreating to the loft but the water just kept rising and their next door neighbour rowed a blow up boat and took them over to his loft which is higher.

They then stayed in his loft for a few hours before the water just kept rising and eventually they went this web page onto the roof and had to get rescued by some legend on a tinnie. Could be nhgget step in the right direction. But in a lot of the hardest hit areas like Lismore, Coraki and Woodburn Air BnB's are not really very common or a problem like they are on the coast. Ain't no Air BnB's is South Lismore. Hey Jedi. I am really interested in your first hand experience and thank you for your comments. Clear you have history in the region and skin in the game.

From my limited understand i see the community impacted as thus. Farmers interested in productive flood plain with a very high resilience level and resourceful understanding of government support or lack of mechanisms. Lower socioeconomic class stuck unable to escape generational class. Lucky nugget casino nz original the rest being cashed up tree changers, Airbnb opportunists and retirees. Whats the appropriate response to those impacted and should it be universal? Keen to hear from prendo on this also if he is listening. I have no idea what the appropriate response should be and the scary thing is I don't think anyone does. So many business have just been delivered a death blow off the back of a pandemic. Even the Mayor had his business as well as his home destroyed.

Read more was already a severe housing crisis in the region before the flood and now it has gone to a whole nuggte level with thousands of homes destroyed and surging unemployment. I have no idea and cannot offer any solutions to this problem There is origiinal subsequent level of responsibility or choice in people living in South Lismore and North Lismore which were the hardest hit. It is the only affordable place for a lot of people to live and is a working class area with plenty of battlers and most people are just getting by.

After this I would assume any areas out of the flood zone just became even less affordable and out of reach for most people. That is only lucky nugget casino nz original weeks of payments and Spiel kostenlos online would assume a lot of people will lucky nugget casino nz original straight onto Licky the dole after that. As I mentioned earlier the Feds could also lean on the insurance companies to class the Disaster as a storm it would help a lot more people be covered. Beyond that I don't origina any other suggestions. In nugfet in-laws case they are both pensioners and don't have any other options but to move back into there old flood prone house and pray it doesn't flood lucky nugget casino nz original soon.

And they are one of the lucky ones as there house is predominately old hard wood so it is still structurally sound lucky nugget casino nz original they will stay with us for a month or 2 and they should be able to move back in. Details are shady at this point but some houses have been condemned and the council will not allow owners luckyy build on that land again which means the owners will have to be paid out. I think squatting could become a real problem in Lismore with so much potential homelessness and abandoned homes moving forward. One step at a time and just try to stay positive but it is looking pretty grim at this point. Hey Bonza, Very diverse mix that were flood affected. Caxino farmers in the hills, low socioeconomic in North Lismore. Semi wealthy even on tree change acreage, ex servicemen in defence housing. Complex groups around these days as many people pushed into town due to.

Those that are lucky enough to be on the plateau that ranges from Lismore to. Bangalow and Alstonville may be in the best scenario. No floods, fertile soil, ocean is close and no neighbours. Coastal towns now a tad overdone with price, ego and lack of community and family. Lismore will. I regularly commute from. Byron during Winter, Evans during larger swells and bike rides into Tweed and Mullum. Area is overflowing with life and reminds me of Laos during wet season. The floods were the worst event in my lifetime, Media, ADFPolliies all seeking a quick benefit from some often shocked and traumatised elderly. Unknown where to from. Luvky with a crew to Woodburn and Coraki to help out. Still a great place for family life as sports, family time, surfing and work balance out quite well. The pick of An as I. Good Source, family based communities and quality waves. What would it take to revegetate with the native gondwanic species like the Cedar Pine in sufficient scale to lessen floods?

So the land carries more water, keeps more of it's superb soil, run it all off? Many of the timber getters that ended up on the North Coast began their trade down here in the Illawarra felling the Red Cedar on the escarpment. Ye olde Sydney town was built with red gold from the Illawarra, however in two decades it was almost all gone and they moved north. Over the last few decades there have been attempts to propagate the species casiino all the artificial efforts have been failures or at best been underwhelming.

Red Cedar does still grow here - I've got one in my backyard - but it does so of its own accord. I have the info why efforts failed but it would seem it's not as easy as chucking a seed in some potting mix and watering it. Red Gold, aye. I have a piece of it. I'd rather be regenerating lucky nugget casino nz original. Interesting it doesn't seem easy; like all the Gondwanan trees I fell in love with traveling Oz, their beauty and amazing properties eg methyl eugenol There's a moth that smashes the Red Cedar I believe. A lot of the land on the plateau surrounding Lismore is prime agricultural land, as has been noted.

The Richmond and tributaries are in poor shape generally - and efforts to try and restore water quality have been hampered by how many council jurisdictions the river flows through. This link below orkginal a assessment of the river and gave it a D. Rehabilitating the Richmond and Wilsons and tributaries would be one great nation building effort the state and fed govt could commit too, that may offer some long term benefit. The Cedar tip casink has hammered the viability of Lucky nugget casino nz original Cedar forestry most places but it nnugget grows alright just a bit crooked and multistemmed which aint as good for timber. If farmers are serious about not losing their topsoil they should revegetate all their waterways and riparian zones and use ground covers and other erosion control methods to prevent soil erosion.

We planted up a farm 20 years ago near the Wilson's creek at Fernleigh,revegetating all the creek lines and wet areas with native rainforest and the productivity of the cattle farm went up because the pastures and cattle were in better nick and the fenced off creeks were crystal clear. Before the project it was dirty brown,muddy creek with cattle shitting in it, like most of the farms in the region. The dairy industry collapsed years ago lucky louie online casino most farms are too small to be profitable unless you grow macadamias, so the result is a lot of fallow or underutilised 'prime agricultural nuggt exporting A grade volcanic soil to the south pacific ocean or through people's properties on the tidal floodplains of Lismore etc everytime it floods or rains heavily.

If we scaled up the local capacity in the region for revegetation we could achieve bz flood mitigation and look after the environment and create lots of jobs. There also needs to be a rethink of council regs in subdividing more land on the high ground to provide affordable housing out of the flood zone. Its ironic that most of these large developments also actually trigger some of the environmental funding and solutions that are needed in the landscape. I've done some riparian reveg around the area and heaps of more coastal stuff around Broken and Lennox. Some of the riparian stuff now has fully grown trees and looks unreal. The swamp mahogany's are close to a hundred feet tall.

Perhaps if you introduce something to clear the weeds, I hear the cane beetle is pretty good at that Agreed Rich74 you are all over it. Most of the projects are not on a large enough scale to have any impact on mitigating floods. As Freeride mentioned after the Richmond River recieved a -D report a few years back it created a bit of noise and lead to some funding for regeneration projects across the region.

lucky nugget casino nz original

Unfortunately most of these projects were in the Alstonville nnz which certainly assisted Ballina but not Lismore. It certainly must help though. That topographic map is incredible mate, thank you for sharing. I'd say your fears are well founded. Yep big catchment, from the Queensland border in the north west to just behind Byron in the east. Not sure you could realistically put in enough dams to mitigate major floods. Thanks Freeride I'll have a look. Doesn't have to mean the end of that very rich agriculture, either. I'll go anecdotal.

My Ms' family farm was one of the last cleared - servicemen's allotments. Her father had an old tractor and an FJ Holden and cleared with a chain drawn between the two. As a result, much of the farm wasn't cleared. He also cleared and left strands of licky along contour lines, and was able to avoid both runoff problems and the killer of the wheatbelt - salt in rising here tables. His farm was way healthier than surrounding ones 30 years later. The soil in the NE WA wheatbelt contains far less next to nothing, actually nutrients in it massive phosphate hydro operation? In this N Nhgget instance rain is the problem rather than desperately sought - but having a lot more roots in the soil to take up the water and hold the water will no doubt help.

If anyone else is looking to donate these guys have been doing amazing work providing a flood relief centre with a bunker full of cleaning products, tools, clothes, medicine, shoes, camping gear, food and anything that the local community and beyond has needed. But your analysis is gold. Goes way back to how country was trampled by clear felling, how that has impacts all the way down, how it changes the land in a way that is inimical to human cssino. Recognises that it should never have been made residential land. Farking rainforest was being burnt. A world of cheers and support to everyone up there and all those who have helped. The exception always proves the rule however. Read the story again and try and work out what it is that so offends you. Thanks for the award mate. I am quite happy to point out a manipulative journo who adds little real value to a community besides a quick personal benefit at others detriment.

Seems to be a lot around these days and they run along pretty quickly. You might be interested to know that it was this story and accompanying photos that made me donate. Anyone taking a crack at the ADF probably needs to do their research first. Sunday arvo SES called out to the local Reserve Unit and the CO approved support. Lucky nugget casino nz original were knocking on doors doing evacs Sunday ns. Full time units are no where near Nth NSW. Brisket was copping its own ovo casino wrocław, and Townsville is ages away and the Brigadier General pushed them to Brisbane, because.

Also blokes were enjoying their weekends, etc. Then helicopters? People need to chill out casimo understand the Aus ADF is tiny. Aviation units are Darwin, Oakey, Brisbane and Townsville. They were dealing with saving people where they can, and some were doing lucky nugget casino nz original and exercises when they got called back. Ones in Sydney are for Special Forces not for fucking natural disasters, imagine Commandos running around pulling old ladies off rooftops. And give the chocs on the ground a break, they do this part time, they do this after a full day at work. They do this for their local community. Doubt it. Now, as for the timeline to assemble and deploy totally agree there is time lag to assemble and deploythe BOM had severe weather warnings in place before the system hit the Gympie region, and once the impact was known there, and weather system forecast was heading down the coast, the 'disaster' management should have been well and truly in action.

The Army should have been mobilised much much earlier. Unfortunately, just like the bushfires, we're aren't prepared for disasters. It's well past time for the population to start to seek accountability, and with that, demand journalists and the mainstream media do way more to hold the elected officials accountable. Ha ha! Third highest politician in the land that just so happens to be in charge of defense is close mates with a coke-head and not a bloody whisper. Get where your coming from mate - pay or no, there's not enough there in the first place.

That wasn't the crux Chocs don't need to come in, and they're all local, so they would be farmers, tradies, etc, from the local community already doing their thing Just pointing out the fact that Bris Regular units were tied up mobilising for QLD floods, Townsville were being moved to standby, and a lot of Darwin units were on training activities well under way before any of this was on the radar. Sydney are all chocs, or Lucky nugget casino nz original Forces If a foreign power invaded like that we'd have intel for months What we're highlighting is that generalised comments, direct abuse from ignorant individuals towards people who have no ability to change what happened. As I said before, the Nth NSW unit did well to mobilise what they could in a few hours, to assist the SES. Comments like "Where was the Army? Logistics is already a nightmare, and the equipment can't get through a flood.

You also need to casio the supply chain mate - what are diggers going to eat? If roads are cutoff, how the fuck are helis supposed to move hundreds of troops, especially in an actual storm? Where are they going to sleep? Where are they going to get fuel? Just ask Nuvget Frydenberg how hard it was to pick up that blade of grass? There's a lot to assess, and understand that managing the movements of large numbers of people with their own lives, families, etc to potentially go away for weeks is not as simple as it sounds. Casjno, a small minority would lucoy able to do things that civvies can hugget do. For example operating a small boat needs a qual, using a chainsaw needs a qual Just imagine how difficult it is to get gratis spiele ps märz qualified members to do tasks that everyone thinks are small trivial things?

Food - should be dry packed ready to go. Shelter - mobile tents and camps Fuel - stockpiles and strategic supplies Transport - mutliple sources and meeting capacity needs. These disaster emergencies are a real world test of the contingency planning. The deployment and mobilsation clearly nuget. Investigations are needed to find the cause and hold those responsible lucky nugget casino nz original. There's not enough. They keep stores, but they need to be mobilised and moved via road just the same. A big task to move. There's a lot of variables that your planning cycle hasn't included. You need to maintain morale for troops, so it's always best to work with locals as the State's are the primary lead to harness old auditoriums, etc. They need access to showers, lucky nugget casino nz original areas, etc. Or else you have mass exodus. Shelter spinomenal list comms, HQ and command elements, they need to be lucky nugget casino nz original through local government - using schools, etc.

MIlitary comms are not nuhget same as civvy comms, so it's about best use and economy of effort. Regardless if lucky nugget casino nz original comms are down, then military needs to bring their own, and this takes up more convoy space, and more time to setup, prepare and enable. Towers don't just magically appear, they need to be setup depending on location, and they need Line of Sight, etc. If you don't have hard standings identified, where do you hold tankers. Road and float moves, need permits, Government and LGA's need business days to approve not weekends.

lucky nugget casino nz original

These are red tape matters not for the ADF to administer, they simply follow. One piece of plant can do the work of 30 diggers in minutes compared to hours. They can't purchase plant and equipment and only use it weeks a year, that's a misue of tax funds.

lucky nugget casino nz original

Transport in general is difficult - only SF are paratroopers, normal diggers need to be flown or driven by traditional means. Liaise with RAAF for flights out of RAAF bases, etc, origianl planes are with the Air Force not Army. As I said, the PMV's can't traverse 2m floods, they need to wait for waters to subside. In modern war, soldiers can do little to react mate. Unless you move Regular units to those areas, they will always be reactionary. They need to be asked formally by the State. This isn't the ADF's primary role.

You say those things like the ADF is supposed to do everything. They cannot train for war at the same time as train for floods, bushfires, etc. They can assist, but they will never be the lead. This is across the board the same even on International Humanitarian Disaster Relief operations. Governments are sovereign entities, they have rights and Military's can't just roll through and take control. They're usually not local either, which makes travelling through locations even harder, especially when highways and roads are cutoff. The entire disaster and emergency casink from fires and flood has taught us that what we have is click to see more working.

Those responsible need to be held accountable. Remember regular units, are for specific things, like amphib or artillery, etc, they spend their time going on courses for those specific to their role and trade, not random courses such as chainsaws, etc. Australia is just too big, with not that many people to fill the gap a lot of the lucky nugget casino nz original. Many people give Government's too much credit, there's probably no maliciousness, just incompetence. If leadership is incompetent, then more needs to be done with the leadership, not with those on the ground. On these constructive ideas, which make a lot sense, but miss the key issues - bureaucracy and leadership. Then, as we've seen, the locals had to use their boats, jetski etc. They have the funding, but where does it go?

It's no different the the BS with the bushfires and how locals knew more than the central fire management. Lots of rural communities are taking back their local fire fighting, facing the angst of fighting the bureaucrats. Start with where the current funding and resources go, put a cawino through the layers and layers of BS waste. If leadership is incompetent, then more needs to be done with the leadership Don't give them more taxpayer money, that'll only mean we have to pay more taxes. I've link those as constructive ideas and tangibles - leaders come and go, so I can't and won't speak on behalf of elected officials.

That's upto people to hold them accountable, and don't think soldiers won't. LGAs need to request State Nzz - they should be quick in their assessment if they cannot handle it. The State Government needs to act and move and formally request, then add the logistical delay. If this was done properly, it should be no more than days, once that information flow goes all the way up and planning is done. Just lucky nugget casino nz original the criticism that many soldiers have experienced though understandable as it comes from pain isn't warranted, and needs to be addressed appropriately. I'd like to think that people like you hold jobs in Government, but hey we are where we are because others believe red is the best kind of tape.

Mate, if I worked lucky nugget casino nz original government or any bureaucracy, I'd be on a compo claim within lucky nugget casino nz original first week from the injuries from banging go here head against cqsino wall. NOTE: I'm enjoying the discussion and debate, but have to go and sort out my gidget. Great to have a nuugget like this with constructive dialog and no anti social angst. Good Karma to you mate, hope huey rewards ya with green rooms a plenty.

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Legend mate - though many of us wear green, some are more jaded than others, we feel your pain, we feel your hurt, we just don't need more toxicity amongst it all. Don't think many of us haven't lost brain cells or teeth from having our heads in walls. Likewise, great to chat with people who can intelligently discuss these issues and highlight appropriate actions and outcomes. It's a lot to take in, when you consider the scale. I'd like to see what the best solution would be and how it should be structured. Whether its community led, or Government lucky nugget casino nz original. SES should definitely be a paid role. Those guys go above and beyond, and damen casino wiesbaden dresscode of them are close to retirement age but still powering along.

If Army Reserve get casino new york resorts, they should be too. Everyone wants to defend the ADF toy soldiers. So what are they there for? To buy arms from overseas companies and line ministerial pockets? Watch the Friendly Jordies story on our defence minister Peter PotatoHead if you need more information. There is so much more they could do for the community in times of need such as this. You're comment just reinforces the ignorance, even with everything that was said above mate. I was there inI helped plan and get everything inbound as soon as it was green light go. As was discussed in detail above, heli's don't just appear out of nowhere. They need to be prepositioned, but those decisions can't be made without a request. States rule the roost, and its upto them to call for help:.

No-one disagrees with you that Scotty has no clue. You just need to get your facts straight mate. As I said above, it probably wasn't malicious, but just a show of incompetence. If you think you know how it all works, be my guest. DFR is just a phone call away. Did you bother to read Luke's account before you sprayed back at me, mate? Lets just drop the Anzac-hero-every-soldier-is-a-legend fantasy, I know its popular for some but the real history of the ADF recently is pretty rank, no pun intended. BRS anyone?? No one has answered the question of how they got to Tonga before Lismore yet I'll wait for your depth analysis of operation matters and next opportunity to blame the states. Op was going on for 2 months now. Yeah I read the post. I totally agree with everything that was said by Luke, but your comment implies the ADF had no clue.

NSW had every chance to have 4 Chinooks and some Blackhawks ready to go before Sunday 27th Feb. Since they said no, they got diverted to QLD. Pretty simple stuff when you look at those facts. Proof that NSW said no? I'll wait, but it's probably classified right? Now I get why its the Australian Defense Force, the specialty is defending its own actions. Have a good one. I didn't vote for Scotty. He's a self-righteous POS. But hey why have the ADF, when you can go round dropping bombs out of ignorance. We'd have world peace with blokes like you in Government. ScoMo could've went over Dom's head and called it - he's a POS - don't think anyone disagrees. But ol Dom should've had a bit of nouse to call it then as well eh.

Hope Russia invade and put a nuke down your neck of the woods you self entitled POS. People like that make me physically sick. Most of us appreciate what the boys in the green do Bmac. As my in laws were affected but they miss out on some grants because of their post code. Constructive discussion and debate is always welcome. However, a whole community would take offence just like any with unfounded, unresearched and generalised comments about their incompetence. If there was proof of inaction from the rank of units deployed in that area, then I'm all ears, but it's become apparent in the news, that the people in Government who can make the call either haven't or weren't lucky nugget casino nz original to in critical times, so the ADF have gone elsewhere i. QLD and under their own chain of command - besides the fact that it's their own backyard, as the units are mostly based out of Brisbane or Oakey.

Maybe it needs to be reiterated - but ADF can't act without Government direction. I'll be honest my first post was written out of anger and frustration, seeing a soldier getting yelled at and bullied by some locals, after she finished work and was just lucky nugget casino nz original what I see buying food, etc, for her young family. I was almost livid to be honest. I think compassion and empathy are important, but also an understanding of the process, so we can as discussed with wingy above direct our anger about the lack of support in the right direction. Don't think there's much else to it to be honest. I've already followed this up and given more insights to Army's chain, so they can do a self-assessment - especially with their Public Affairs people absolutely tone deaf to be honest. Hopefully, a collective group with constructive ideas can actually make some changes:.

Nor is it a reasonable expectation of the ADF. I think the idea in that article holds merit. Could very well be just the SES and make it paid, rather than voluntary. I'm sure that would assist in growth of numbers and retention. Okay you want to keep this going with name calling now? What's "wingy" mean? And the idiot bootlicker Nugget kicks in as well? Get fucked. I've already stated I'm sure there are community minded ADF personal, and that's great and everyone appreciated the extra arms and legs, but lets face it, the ADF is on the ground in northern rivers because they were ordered to, they're not volunteers like the SES and still you keep wanting to palm-off any disaster recovery efforts in the future to underfunded, minimally equipped amateurs when the Lucky nugget casino nz original has a huge amount of personal and gear that generally does nothing but play war games with our tax payer dollars.

You are not doing anyone a favor being here FFS. This is a fundamental issue with what the ADF actually does. It sure doesn't defend Australia, lucky nugget casino nz original a joke. Tell me, is there any currently serving ADF personal who have actually gone to war to defend Australia? Don't bother with US led oil wars in the Middle East matey, I mean actually fought an enemy to protect our nation?? Forget all the "warrior" bullshit, this is not America and we are not going to lick your boots well, Nugget will and say "thank you for your service" every time we see a uniform. Fuck that. Climate change demands we all reassess what we do going forward, maybe this is the catalyst for the ADF to step up and be ready for the next inevitable disaster, because we all know its coming and will no doubt be worse than the last.

If as you like to quote as if it makes it okay the ADF is not always ready to be deployed at short notice, it fucking well should be! You think they run of unleaded? By the time the national emergency was called, 3 Battalions rolled into NNSW within 24 hrs. I reckon some people need to eat some humble pie and just chill the f-out. What's done is done. I'm not going to join the army, but I've put an application in to the Richmond Tweed SES now. A lot to take in and you've highlighted as Wingnut mentioned areas of big concerns if this was ongoing. The blokes that came through were super humble and worked full duty hours, so hey, they've done well.

There's so much to all casino extra no deposit about all, you'd hope that if NSW government had called it a national disaster or ScoMo had the balls to do it on the 28th, then a lot of heartache would've been averted. You think they run off unleaded? Mate you know it. Already Cath Cusack has resigned. Good riddance. Also I take your points above and I was pretty one sided till I read your comment today. I think we all need to have a clear head about this. So be it. I get it, I reckon there should be better interagency collaboration. I didn't stop fighting and neither did you.

Lucky nugget casino nz original passed through and cleaned up the street, had a good chat with a lot of them. They were working in Brissy from the 25th with some of the flooding near gympie and then when ScoMo visited the region, they got the call to move down overnight. Very well described and written. It sounds like this area is beautiful and volatile. The photos sum it up though. It seems to me that other than building super tall levees, the only other option for a town like Lismore would be to move the town. There is precedence for this kind of thing in Christchurch. The earthquake resulted in over CBD buildings and houses needing to be demolished. Vast areas of the city were deemed too unstable to build on again and were "red-zoned". The residents in the red zones were offered sections in new more stable areas of the city. The enormous cost of this was borne by the Insurance companies and the NZ tax payer. The red zones are now parklands where entire suburbs used to exist.

It's quite shocking to visit Christchurch if you were familiar with what it used to be like before the earthquakes. This sort of thing takes strong political leadership. Unfortunately in the case of Australia the size of the the job seems pretty overwhelming. I feel for the people that have had their lives destroyed in recent years by fire and now floods. Some hard decisions are going to be have to be made. There lucky nugget casino nz original no easy answers. Zoning setbacks are definitely needed in some spots along some of those rivers, especially near Woodburn. Even increasing the height and filling in some of those low-lying areas around Lismore, so most of the water gets channelled would be a great step, before any rebuild phase. Clearly it is time for a major rethink with regard to land management and housing, starting lucky nugget casino nz original an acceptance that it is impossible to control or contain nature.

Coastal defenses, damns, levies are expensive short term fixes, give a false sense of security and often cause more harm than good. We also need to acknowledge that while these weather events are classed as 'the big one' etc in our life time, Australia was subject to fire and flood long before Lucky nugget casino nz original arrived and started removing natural flood defenses, building on flood plains and in areas prone to bush fire. Insurers aren't daft, if they are essentially making it impossible for the average Joe to insure their property and belongings it is because they know that at some point relatively soon, there is a good chance average joe will lose everything. Mistakes have been made but it seems after every destructive weather event those mistakes are repeated as we commit to rebuild communities in the same areas but this time bigger and better. Sooner lucky nugget casino nz original later we need to accept that lucky nugget casino nz original in certain areas for proximity to the coast etc, which has been sold ad infinitum, is untenable.

Years ago in Lismore I lost a brown paper bag containing Psilocybins. I think I know who found them, PRENDO.!!! Are you for real? So, Mr Prendo. Are you the ONLY person qualified to speak about anything relating to Lismore?. You must be a plethora of information. This Is The End. This is outstanding journalism! Does anyone know how to nominate this good poker bilder reihenfolge very a Walkley Award? I'm happy to do the nominating, but I have no idea where to do that. Thanks for the link. I see that there is quite a large fee to be paid with the nomination and members of the journalist union get a rebate. Maybe this is something for Stu? Swellnet would get kudos too. From what I saw, nobody was blaming the ADF directly, but rather bemoaning why it took so long for them to be deployed I've been there I can assure you most of your grievances, not for this event, lay with politicians.

Public servants are required by law to base decisions on objective information and act in the interests of the public. BY LAW. Politicians aren't. I had so many decisions overidden by unqualified politicians because they had a mate that didn't want something to happen or they were thinking only of their election chances.

More Swellnet Dispatch

Yeah yeah there are lazy POS people in govt, but they're in every org. Regarding insurers I work with this sector. The big 5 banks did it first. Now the insurers are doing it some for a couple years now. Banks won't allow you to have a mortgage if the asset isn't insured. Now, raise your hand if you've seen that last sentence covered widely in the media? Yeah I didn't think so Nor I'm guessing have you read about the report the DoD sent the govt a few years ago saying "fight a war, or do disaster response here and OSwe have capacity to do one but not both without undercutting sovereign securityor the report where they and DoDs from many other western nations told the politicians "so yeah, FYI, climate change is big fucking problem from a Lucky nugget casino nz original perspective and it'll kick off sooner than you all hope it won't" Another thing on insurers Despite the commercials telling you XYZ insurer is "here for you" "here lucky nugget casino nz original Australians" blah blah, don't be fooled.

They're a commercial business and the model is a form of arbitrage. If you think it's and they know it's actually You don't have a right to insurance. It's a commercial product that seeks to satisfy a need financially recover from damaging events. If you want to see what happens when the govt steps in to provide flood insurance, just check out the budget nightmare clusterfuck the National Flood Insurance Program has become in the US. I could say more, including about where the real "blame" if you could call it that lay, but this is a long post already Someone tell Shearer that three of the biggest, deadest, rankest Jewfish are stinking up Lucky nugget casino nz original Beach beyond belief. Drove through Lismore yesterday. Unfuckenbelievable destructionthe saddest scenes I've ever witnessed.

No way the town can ever return to normalthe devastation is total. Such a great townjust click the following article have been built on a floodplain. So how do you floodproof a house in Lismore or anywhere? A lady on the Drum last night suggested pontoon houses.

lucky nugget casino nz original

Sounded like a good idea which got me thinking how it would work. But that also has problems, if the owner isn't home to flick the switch or if there is a power failureplus not sure if hydraulics like to be submerged. So a manual system that operates with no power input required. When the floodwaters receed the lucky nugget casino nz original drops back in place. Just an idea, probably already exists somewhere. View this post on Instagram. Share on. Reflections On The North Coast Flood. Steve Shearer freeride76 Swellnet Dispatch. If it's going to be a wet summer, it will be wettest here. Mud is a special type of hell. Great writing Steve All power to those who are able to help out. Horrific and sobering stuff.

And shocking timing too Best wishes. Can't add more than what's been commented above. Powerful writing. Just so heavy. What are they waiting for? That was one of my first thoughts as well bonza, but like Steve said, where do you go? Horrific scenes. Will be donating today. What is the point of this comment? Stop being a prat mate. So you were born in Lismore? What do lucky nugget casino nz original want- a medal?

lucky nugget casino nz original

Orivinal, there's a context here that you're clearly oblivious too. And who are you? Who is anybody? New here? What facts have been grossly distorted here? I'll be most lucky nugget casino nz original to correct them. Oh dear, and now the pissing contest. It has been pretty clearly aired. Can't take a hint? Or that people other than multi-generation locals are discussing the floods? Leave Katastrophe Karl out of it! Very good piece, Steve. Neben den Apotheken und niedergelassenen Ärztinnen und Ärzten bieten zwölf Impfbusse, neun Impfzentren, 21 Impfstellen an Krankenhausstandorten und 15 lucky nugget casino nz original Impfstellen die Coronaschutzimpfung für alle Lucjy und Bürger ab 12 Jahren an.

Auffrischungsimpfungen werden in einem Abstand von fünf Monaten zur vollständigen Impfserie mit einem mRNA-Impfstoff verabreicht. Die Standby-Impfzentren öffnen ab dem November ihre Türen. Eine Terminregistrierung ist nun möglich. In der konstituierenden Sitzung des Beirates für Biotechnologie hat die Landesleiterin des Pharmaunternehmens Boehringer Ingelheim, Frau Dr. Sabine Nikolaus, den Vorsitz übernommen. Der Beirat ist ein neues Expertinnen- und Expertengremium der rheinland-pfälzischen Landesregierung, das der Weiterentwicklung der Biotechnologiestandorts Rheinland-Pfalz dient. Rheinland-Pfalz geht einen weiteren Schritt in Richtung Normalität.

Auch bei Corona wird zukünftig stärker zwischen reiner Infektion und Erkrankung unterschieden. Ab dem 1. Mai müssen deshalb Kontaktpersonen — unabhängig vom Impfstatus oder Alter — nicht mehr wahrscheinlichkeit lottozahlen Quarantäne. Eine Isolationspflicht gilt nur noch für infizierte Personen.

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